Adam Golaski
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Gender: Male
Career: Omicron Chief Engineer
Actor: Josh Truax

Adam Golaski was stationed at Omicron as the Chief Engineer. He is referenced in SOMA and plays a major role in Transmission.



Adam staring at a Structure Gel leakage.

At some point, Golaski was moved from Omicron to Theta but, after the WAU created a Mockingbird of Golaski as described in Item #4017, it caused him to join those exiled to Lambda for salvage.

Golaski, felt seemingly over immense guilt of leaving his wife and child to die on the surface of the Earth, begins to drink the structure gel in what we can only assume is a misguided suicide attempt.

Most of his time was spent with Imogen Reed, the two seemed to share a deeper understanding of the events occuring around them and a desire to figure things out. This brought them closer as we see them on most salvage runs together.

Imogen and Golaski came across a WAU Mockingbird of Halperin, which instantly recognized Golaski from his days at Omicron. Sadly, Halperin went crazy after realizing he was simply a copy and wasn't on the Ark. Golaski attacked the Mockingbird with a wrench after it had attacked Imogen.

Golaski would go on to fall into a deep addiction to structure gel. The addiction however would be one he would try to reconcile, speaking to the WAU often as if it was a living person and trying to get it to show him visions of his daughter which he would follow on impulse.

After Golaski, fully covered by structure gel, attacked and killed Richard Holland, he is restrained by the rest of his group in Lambda and is later abandoned and locked in a cargo bay.

Eventually Golaski comes across Reed. Golaski attempts to persuade her to join him, but she rejects this proposal and stabs him with a piece of his own outer shell.

At the end of Transmission 8, as Imogen dies, we can see her embracing Golaski within the ARK on a sunny peaceful day.