Amy Azzaro
Gender: Female
Career: Upsilon Field Technician
Voice actor: Kosha Engler

Amy Azzaro is a field service technician stationed at Upsilon.


In April 2103, after the evacuation of Upsilon towards Theta, Amy and Carl Semken remained behind to ensure the power generators were maintained. They discovered that the Universal Helpers were beginning to act very strangely.

After being ordered to evacuate and return to Theta on May 4, 2103, Carl was attacked and killed by a Universal Helper robot that also pursued Amy. She managed to evade and electrocute it with a power cable. Later, while attempting to restore power to a shuttle, she had an accident and, while dying, became fused with the WAU to be kept alive artificially.


Simon Jarrett finds Amy in the shuttle area to evacuate Upsilon. She appears to have been fused with the WAU, and is therefore kept alive in a grisly situation. Amy pleads Simon not to hurt her, believing he is a rogue robot. Simon can choose to keep Amy alive by only unplugging one of the sockets -- which gives the shuttle an unstable amount of power. No matter what Simon's decision is, the shuttle will still crash. If Simon unplugs only one socket, it will give the error message "power unstable" as opposed to the track blockage message should Simon choose to unplug both sockets.


  • In Upsilon, you can find many cartoons drawn by Amy. Among them, a picture Amy drew of herself and Carl saying "Carl and Amy: Pathos buddies" can be found.