Location: Abyss
Gender: N/A

The Anglerfish is an enemy in SOMA that is encountered in the Abyss.


The Anglerfish is a mutated angler fish that has been heavily disfigured by the Structure Gel leaks, losing its eyes while undergoing some other heavy mutations.

The Anglerfish also has a mutated human face merged into the left side of its head, although the face is difficult to see due to the lack of lighting and the fact that it is difficult to get close without dying. The right side is also completely missing the eye contained within its eye socket along with the orbital cavity itself. It is possible that the fused human face belongs to one of its previous victims and has been merged into the Anglerfish by the WAU.

The WAU has also altered its behavior, making it avoid light, while at the same time it tries to bait unsuspecting intruders with its light source.

According to a log regarding the creature, it no longer hunts for normal prey like small fish, but rather "something not present in its ecosystem", which in this case heavily implies the Abyss site's crew and even Simon himself.


In order to reach Site Alpha, Simon has to follow torches leading to a cavern in order not to be attacked by any deep-sea creatures. If Simon manages to follow the light sources and make his way to the cave, he must follow the path of chemlights to the opposite side of the tunnel inside the cave.

There, he must locate and follow the torches again, but the Anglerfish lies in wait as the first light source primarily visible to Simon, baiting him to come near its light source. If Simon encounters the fish and keeps it at a distance, it slowly swims towards him.

In this event, Simon should retreat to the chemlights inside the cave and wait for the creature to back out, then quickly run to the nearby light source.


According to data collected from the populations of different species in 2100 forwards, this particular species is identified. For some reason, the rest of the Anglerfish's data is unable to be viewed.

  • Centrophryne spinulosa is commonly known as the horned lanternfish.


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