Antjie Coetzee was the Omega Space Gun operator, also headquarted at Tau. She is mentioned in SOMA and is the protagonist of Item #4540.

Her work consisted of, not only manually operate the gun, but also involved ballistic calculations, weather status checking and the payload proper acomodation.

In her childhood, she used to visit Tafelberg, out of Cape Town, along with her parents.


Since the Impact Event, Coetzee given into the idea of dying. She seemed to struggle with the desire to feel one last time as a worthy human being, not something that of an animal.


At some point after Tau's failed evacuation, she apparently ran to the observation sub-station near Tau to check on rations, though, as noted by Johan Ross, it was more like a failed suicide attempt.

The Climbing

Coetzee seemed fascinated with the idea of what it was like to be up there in Omega platform, inspired by it’s broadcasted vídeo feeds concerning the success of each Omega Space Gun's launch.

This led her to plan the climbing of the Space Gun’s barrel to reach site Omega, even knowing it was a “one way street”, also stating it would have to be done by the outside, “like a mountain”. She set off her Power Suit, carrying three extra tanks of oxygen and a technician’s tool belt.

During the climbing, she regards it to be easy, but exhausting, long and confusing due to, among other factors, the darkness surrounding her, besides a few meters her floodlight could illuminate, what caused a sensation of “going anywhere”.

The Arrival at Omega

After about 4 hours of climbing, she reached the surface, finding the sun covered by what looked like smog or smeared clouds high above an atmosphere full of dust and ashes. She proceeded to na observation deck, “It was like a small oil rig, fitted with work rooms, a weather station, a couple of offices and a small habitat with beds and a kitchen.”

Even after she checked her suit’s climate scanner that indicated the air was toxic, Coetzee unlocked her helmet and stepped out of the armored suit. She regards It was too warm, but also felt pleasure in the natural sunlight and the fresh ocean Wind. Seaching through the drawers and the wardrobes in the bedrooms, she found oversized male shirts and jeans. The kitchen did have tea and some pasta, rice, and other dried foods, which Coetzee cooked it all and ate as much as she could stomach. These were enough to make her feel human again. She was incredibly happy.

Coetzee even pulled a chair from the common room out on to the deck, grabbed a pile of books and a bottle of whisky she found in the pantry. Picked up a book of poems by Keats and flipped through it

Last Moments

As time goes on, she begins to show a persistente cough that just got worse, progressing to expelling blood. She was aware of what was happening, but “she wouldn’t let that ruin this moment for her”

"As the sun set that day over the Omega platform Coetzee was falling asleep for the last time in her life. She could feel it, she knew what was happening, but damn it was worth it.”

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