Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall
Born: 1992
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Voice actor: Andrea Deck

Ashley Hall was Simon Jarrett's friend and colleague, who was killed in a car accident at 23 years of age, in 2015. These events take place about 100 years before the events of SOMA. Simon appeared to be romantically interested in her.


Ashley was in the passenger side of a car driven by Simon when, in the intersection of Bloor Street and Spadina Road, the vehicle was hit by an SUV whose driver was distracted by her children. The mother and the children were left bruised but largely unharmed, while Ashley died from suffocation due to the blood trapped in her lungs. After the accident, Simon was left with permanent brain damage.


At Theta, after Simon is hurt and caught by proxy Terry Akers, Simon seems to hallucinate he was back in his apartment in Toronto where Ashley appears, telling him they both fell in love and became a couple. After she finishes talking, Simon freaks out and wakes up.