Brandon Wan
Brandon Wan
Brandon's mugshot.
Gender: Male
Nationality: Sichuan Chinese
Career: Delta Wrangler
Voice actor: Joseph May

Brandon Wan is a Wrangler who started working as Operator at Delta but due to the deterioration of the site itself and the enclosing threat of WAU, he was recruited by John Strohmeier and fled to Theta. He showed great affection for his colleague Alice Koster.


Since Theta was overrun by Proxy creatures due to the arrival of Terry Akers in January 16, 2104, in order to allow his colleagues to escape Theta towards Omicron, Brandon stayed behind and took the connector chip of the safety latch, sealing the lift and preventing the Proxies' advance. Cornered by Proxies, Brandon committed suicide by cutting his throat with a knife.


In Theta labs, Simon Jarrett activate a simulation of Brandon Wan, using the identity of one of his close colleagues, Alice Koster, to persuade him to release details on the security cipher needed to release the station's DUNBAT submersible from a quarantined state.

Later, while Simon makes his way through Theta maintenance, he finds Brandon Wan's body with his throat cut.


  • The story of Wan and Koster was originally much darker. They had a child together, but when everything went down and they were separated, Wan had his baby with him, and had a gun which he used to shoot it and then himself.