This category lists all characters mentioned or appearing through SOMA and the live-action miniseries Transmissions.

On the Surface


Upsilon Crew

  • Jane Adams – Chief Factor
  • Vigdis Jonsdottir – Dispatcher
  • Baxter Rogers – Geotechnical Engineer
  • Amy Azzaro – Field Service Technician
  • Gavin Finley – Field Service Technician
  • Louise Meuron – Field Service Technician
  • Carl Semken – Wrangler
  • Aashish Shankar – Wrangler

Lambda Crew

  • Nathan Grau – Capt. of Port
  • Vanessa Hart – Dispatcher
  • Marishika Daviau – Wrangler
  • Chris Josic

Delta Crew

Theta Crew

Omicron Crew

Tau Crew


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