Haimatsu Jpn., formerly known as Haimatsu Technologies, is a Japanese technology manufacturing conglomerate who produced half of the equipment used on PATHOS-II.



The only identifiable item that Haimatsu Technologies manufactured are USB sticks, one of which can be found in Simon's apartment and at PACE Laboratories.

However, since the Haimatsu Technologies logo appears on a bulletin board at PACE Laboratories underneath a section saying "Hardware", it's possible they also produced Simon's smartphone and the touchscreen laptop found in his apartment, as well as most of the computers and equipment at PACE Laboratories.

On the back of a newspaper clipping found in Simon's desk, a cut off ad for Haimatsu Technologies advertises something that's %50 off.


At PATHOS-II, the most notable product manufactured by Haimatsu is the Omnitool, an all-in-one computer tool designed for security usage. They're also the producer of the Ductile Suit and Power Suit, along with the Energy Pal S.3, the ZA-X2 Experimental Module, which is used to contain the ARK, the A95-Worker, a disabled robot unit from which Simon acquire a cortex chip in Omicron and the ST-77 Maser tool.

A clipboard found in Strohmeier's room in Theta lists Sendeyo, most likely referring to Abbo Sendeyo from Tau, as a project manager related to Haimatsu.

Several posters, schematics and manuals of Haimatsu's products are found all over PATHOS-II.


Universal Helper Series


  • The name Haimatsu comes from creeping pine in Japanese (formally Pinus pumila).


Haimatsu Technologies


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