Harry Halperin
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased

Actor: Don Thacker

Harry Halperin was stationed at Omicron. He considered Adam Golaski a friend.


In Transmissions #1, Adam Golaski and Imogen Reed were inspecting storage bay 09B in Lambda when they discovered an incapacitated UH-2 robot, hidden under a tarp and speaking intelligible phrases. The robot recognized Golaski and introduced himself as Jacob Halperin, a former co-worker from Omicron. The machine did not realize its current situation, believing to be experiencing the ARK. Adam used its confusion to distract it while Imogen attempted to pacify it by reaching its tetra cord. The UH-2, confused by the situation, reacted violently and crushed her arm for a few seconds when moving its head to watch her. Adam striked the UH2's head with a wrench to knock it out, and Imogen placed a patch on it.

Once revived, the robot became frantic, swearing and speaking in jumbled, faltering sentences, hinting to be a brain scan of the real Jacob Halperin performed by Catherine Chun for the ARK project. The engineers determined that further attempts at communication were futile, and removed the patch, deactivating the robot for good. Adam told his colleague that it was the only infected robot which was still happy of its situation, but they both agreed that it would have realized the truth at some point.