Imogen Reed


Imogen Reed

Other name(s): Red
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Career: Theta Mechatronics Engineer
Status: Deceased
Active (On ARK)
Actor: Trin Miller

Imogen Reed is a Mechatronics Engineer who appears in SOMA and is the protagonist of the miniseries Transmissions.   


At Theta

Before the events of the main game, Imogen Reed worked at Theta. Her discovery of the Vivarium project encouraged Catherine Chun to research the technology that the WAU was using to copy people's consciousnesses, ultimately leading to the creation of the ARK.

Reed and Catherine had many fundamental disagreements over the use of the ARK and the creation of copies. Reed strongly felt that the WAU was manipulating them, as shown by her fever dreams and her belief that the copies on the ARK were "not us."  

Catherine, who felt very differently, subjected Reed to a brain scan, during which Reed suffered a seizure. Catherine informed Reed that the scan probably didn't work, and that she would be going to Lambda for salvage, seemingly being exiled along with a few other crew members from PATHOS-II.

The exile at Lambda

Now at Lambda, Reed spent most of her days performing salvage operations with Adam Golaski

As the WAU began to infest Lambda and resurrect the dead throughout the station (as well as affecting the surrounding wildlife), the crew at Lambda decided to escape. 

During their escape, the WAU-altered Adam Golaski attacked Reed, but she killed him with a piece of his outer shell. 

Reed finally confronted the WAU at the power core in Upsilon and shut it down by removing all power, also cutting the air ventilation. The WAU, however, backed itself up with power from Alpha and maintained itself. 

Reed passed away by suffocating in the main core chamber near her diving suit, choosing not to wear it.

After Reed passed away, her scan appeared to embrace Golaski on a sunny day inside the ARK.


Reed never directly appears in the game. However, after reaching the Theta labs, Catherine reveals that Reed's body is the platform for Simon Jarrett's consciousness. A standard Cortex Chip for robots, including the data reader and the Occu-Torch, has been forced through the skull and subsequently held together with structure gel.