It's on fire. Everything is on fire. The flames, they're reaching all the way into the sky. It's unreal.
~ Hopper, CURIE CrewmemberDatamineDatamine (file info)
Comet telos

The comet Telos.

The Impact Event, called The Apocalypse by many, was a cataclysmic event that occurred on January 12, 2103. At 05:13, the comet Telos collided with Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean.

The impact triggered firestorms in many areas on Earth, and additionally ejected enormous amounts of dust and debris into the atmosphere. The impact rendered the surface of the Earth completely barren, killing all surface-dwelling life.

The impact caused the atmosphere to become heavily toxic and much warmer. Undersea life continued to thrive, however, including the humans stationed at PATHOS-II.





  • In Greek, Telos means "Finality" or "End".

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