Jacob Halperin
Gender: Male
Career: Omicron operative
Status: Deceased

Actor: N/A

Jacob Halperin was stationed at Omicron. Although his occupation was never specified, there were registers of him conducting experiments with the Structure Gel.


On April 7, 2103, at Omicron, Jacob Halperin recorded the results of an experiment in which structure gel was applied to a dead mouse causing it to re-animate and to attack a living mouse. Half an hour later the re-animated mouse had stopped moving since its corpse was solid as the gel had hardened within it.

On July, 09, 2103, at Omicron, Jacob Halperin recorded another experiment with re-animating a mouse but, this time, it was done with the uncalibrated gel as produced by Eames. It made the mouse appeared as in a catatonic state, but more of a sleepwalker. Electromagnets were used to cause a low electrical current within the animal in order to avoid the hardening of the gel as before.