Jacob Halperin was stationed at Omicron. Although his occupation was never specified, there are registers of him conducting experiments with Structure Gel.


On April 7, 2103, at Omicron, Jacob Halperin records the results of an experiment in which structure gel was applied to a dead mouse causing it to re-animate and to attack a living mouse. Half an hour later the re-animated mouse stopped moving since it's corpse was solid as the gel had hardened within it.

On July, 09, 2103, at Omicron, Jacob Halperin records another experiment with re-animating a mouse but, this time, it was done with uncalibrated gel as produced by Eames. It made the mouse appears as in a catatonic state, but more of a sleepwalker. Electromagnets were used to cause a low electrical current within the animal in order to avoid the hardening of the gel as before.

In Transmissions #1, Adam Golaski and Imogen Reed are inspecting storage bay 09B in Lambda when they discover an incapacitated UH-2 robot, hidden under a tarp and speaking intelligible phrases. The robot recognizes Golaski and introduces himself as Harry Halperin, a former co-worker from Omicron. The machine does not realize its current situation, believing to be experiencing the ARK. Adam uses its confusion to distract it while Imogen attemptes to pacify it by reaching its tetra cord. The UH-2, confused by the situation, reacts violently and crushes her arm for a few seconds when moving its head to watch her. Adam strikes the UH2's head with a wrench to knock it out, and Imogen places a patch on it.

Once revived, the robot becomes frantic, swearing and speaking in jumbled, faltering sentences, hinting to be a brain scan of the real Harry Halperin performed by Catherine Chun for the ARK project. The engineers determine that further attempts at communication are futile, and remove the patch, deactivating the robot for good. Adam tells his colleague that it was the only infected robot still happy of its situation, but they both agreed that it would have realized the truth at some point.


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