Maggie Komorebi
Maggie Komorebi
Born: January 4, 2067
Died: January 16, 2104
Gender: Female
Nationality: Hong Kong Chinese
Career: Theta First Responder
Status: Deceased

Actor: Jane Perry

Maggie Komorebi is a PATHOS-II First Responder stationed at Theta. In SOMA, she's a minor but prominent character during the second chapter of the game.


Maggie was part of a group of divers sent to Delta on January 15, 2104, following the orders of Peter Strasky to retrieve Terry Akers from the site and take him to Theta.

When the team arrived, Maggie, along with the rest of her team, were attacked by Akers. Akers forcefully injected the crew with structure gel which led to their deaths. After killing the team, Akers steals the zeppelin they used to reach Delta in order to reach Theta. Maggie tries desperately to radio Strasky and warn him about Akers going to Theta, but is unsuccessful.


Her body can be found in the radio tower at Delta. Simon Jarrett can data mine her black box to discover her fate.


  • Her brain scan for the ARK was completed on August 8th, 2103.