Mark Sarang
Mark Sarang
Born: September 21, 2061
Gender: Male
Nationality: Korean
Career: Theta Intelligence Analyst
Voice actor: Tim Watson

Mark Sarang was an intelligence analyst at Theta.


On April 7, 2102, Mark Sarang received a classified message from the supervisory board of Carthage Industries, who were “very pleased to hear about your success in making the WAU a station-wide presence.” The letter insisted that Johan Ross must be able to “steer and study” the WAU from Alpha without interference, and suggested that Sarang contact Julia Dahl at Omicron if it became necessary to “forcefully eliminate any opposition”.

Mark Sarang, Johan Ross, and Julia Dahl were the only three people at Pathos-II working directly for Carthage, and they kept this information secret.

On July 9, 2103, Sarang was interviwed by Catherine Chun regarding his expectations towards the ARK project. Sarang states his belief that “we can go on living through the reality of continuity".

On July 12, 2103, during his brain scan for the ARK project, Sarang committed suicide by chewing gum containing cyanide. He left a recording and notes revealing his purpose: to ensure that his virtual self, living in the ARK, was the only remnant of his consciousness. He viewed human consciousness as an entity that transcends a physical body.

His ideas stimulated other PATHOS-II personnel to commit suicide during or shortly after the brain scanning process, which led John Strohmeier to prematurely end the ARK project.


While venturing through Theta facility, Simon Jarrett can access Sarang's dormitory where he can find computer logs, voice records and notes, mostly about his ideas over "continuity". A Universal Helper Simon encounters, shares the same voice as Sarang which means his insane ideology of continuity failed and his brain scan of himself had became hostile and it also speaks in frustration to itself


  • His surname, Sarang, may be a reference to the Korean-American moon harvesting base Station Sarang from the movie Moon, a movie which deals with some similar themes to SOMA.
    • Sarang means love in Korean.

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