Safe? Am I... Safe?!
Martin Fisher
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Other name(s): Fish
Gender: Male
Actor: Brian Lewis

Martin Fisher was a Wrangler and was apart of the Lambda Salvage Crew that were in Lambda during the WAU take over of the station. He is referenced in SOMA and is a secondary character in Transmissions.


Martin Fisher has a main living quarters that can be found in the game within Theta. His room appears completely empty which reinforces him being moved from Theta to Lambda for salvage. No reason is provided for him being sent to Lambda though we can assume since he was a Wrangler his skill would be needed for the operations.

Fisher also appears to have a strong friendship with Baxter Rogers.

Fisher was seemingly killed and infected by the WAU while climbing the Docking Tower during Transmission 8. Imogen Reed sees this and locks him out.

He eventually gets back in and after a brief exchange with the survivors, he attacks Vanessa Hart and kills Baxter Rogers, who tries to save her. His helmet is then removed by Imogen Reed, causing structure gel to pour out of it, causing him to collapse and die.

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Fisher climbs the Docking Tower.