A Mockingbird is a robot or other machine that has had a brain scan uploaded to it by the WAU, turning it into a sentient reconstruction of one of PATHOS-II's crew members.

Most Mockingbirds are not humanoid, and the dissonance between the Mockingbird's form and the crew member's mind usually sends the crew member into a catatonic or otherwise insane state, often unaware that they are inside a robot.


In Item #4017 is described the encounter between Adam Golaski and his own mockingbird.

In Transmission #1, while venturing through Upsilon, Adam Golaski finds the mockingbird of Jacob Halperin, a former co-worker from Omicron.

Item #4510 describes the mockingbird of Gavin Finley, a worker from Upsilon


At Upsilon, Simon Jarrett finds a mockingbird feeding off energy from a control board. When Simon disconnects it from the WAU, the mockingbird begins pleading with him to reconnect it before dying. This mockingbird can be identified as Vigdis Jonsdottir who was the dispatcher at Upsilon.

Later, Simon comes across the Construct, which likely has a brain scan as well. According to the official artwork for SOMA, it possesses one of a brown-haired woman.

Carl Semken's mockingbird can be found stuck on a conveyor belt.

At the Upsilon Communications room, calling site Theta will result in a brief and one-way conversation with the mockingbird of Peter Strasky who was Theta's dispatcher, stating that there is something better here, it's here. Calling Omicron will connect Simon with Johan Ross but since this is the actual person and not a machine he does not pass as a mockingbird.

On his path to Lambda, Simon comes across several Universal Helpers which have brain scans uploaded into them, some are passive while others will attempt to attack Simon on sight.

At Lambda, Catherine Chun's brain scan is found initially uploaded into a robot unit.

At Delta, Simon finds a UH3 robot model which harbors the brain scan of both Terry Akers and Brandon Wan

If Simon attempts to call Zeppelin 216, he will make contact with the brain-scan of Alan Waldeck, who panics about being surrounded by water and drowning before the Zeppelin malfunctions and ceases to respond.

At Theta's entrance, Simon can find Robin Bass's mockingbird.

In Theta Labs, the DUNBAT reveals itself to be a mockingbird. Upon realizing its state, it begins lashing out while cursing Catherine's name, ultimately causing the vessel to break from its dock and fall, destroying it. It is presumed that the WAU was the one who uploaded the brain scan into the DUNBAT after a structure gel leak.