The Omnitool is an inventory item in SOMA, acquired early in the game in Upsilon. It allows Simon Jarrett to access the PATHOS-II mainframe.


The Omnitool is a small handheld computer, created by Haimatsu, originally used by PATHOS-II's staff to open doors and access areas requiring maintenance. It has two chip slots: one for a Tool Chip, which grants additional functions and security clearances, and one for a Cortex Chip, which is used to download an A.I. and protocols into the Omnitool. If no Cortex Chip is inserted, the Omnitool has a pre-loaded AI, "Helper Jane."

The cortex chip can also contain a brain scan, granting it the personality and memories of the person scanned, even though it's unknown if this functionality was intended.

The Omnitool lacks the necessary computational resources to run brain scan simulations on it's own, and must be docked to a terminal in order to do so. Catherine Chun describes this experience as a continuous, but disjointed consciousness with no perception or awareness of the time that passes in between simulations.

The Omnitool cannot be used to override security protocols that it lacks the clearance to access. In these cases, a new Tool Chip must be inserted to update the Omnitool's security clearances.

The Omnitool can be operated either by swiping it in front of a sensor or by directly docking it to a computer terminal. The latter option allows the brain scan on the device's Cortex Chip, if present, to directly interface with the PATHOS-II mainframe.


  • The Omnitool Simon gets was originally owned by Louise Meuron, a Field Service Technician at Upsilon.
  • The Omnitool is likely based on smart-phones of the early Twenty-First Century, albeit with an emphasis on industrial operations practicality instead of extensive communication capacity.


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