Patchwork Man
Patchwork Man
Other name(s): Fixed Human, Reanimated Crewmember
Gender: Male

The Patchwork Man is an unused enemy that can be found in the files of SOMA.


The Patchwork Man is an unused enemy that was supposedly intended to appear at Site Omicron. He is very similar to the Robot Girl in that he is seemingly a human that the WAU has attempted to reconstruct.


Although the Patchwork Man was ultimately cut as an enemy, he makes a minor cameo in the final game, appearing as a corpse near some stairs at Omicron stuck to some Structure Gel. He disappears once Simon Jarrett gets the Energy Pal S.3.


  • When spawned in-game, he will act like a bugged version of the Robot Girl. This seems to be in error as he lacks the appropriate animations for this behavior. Although his actual AI is in the game and can be used through modification of his .ent file.


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