The Haimatsu Power Suit, also known simply as Power Suit, or HPS, is a heavily-armored deep sea diving suit manufactured by Haimatsu and used by PATHOS-II staff to protect themselves from the crushing pressure in the Abyss.


Soma 2016-05-09 19-33-45-03

A back view of the Power Suit

As the name suggests, Power Suits are powered exoskeletons, containing machinery that amplifies the wearer's movements and enhances their effective strength.



When a WAU-corrupted DUNBAT escapes from Theta without Simon Jarrett and Catherine Chun, their backup plan involves traveling to Omicron and retrieving a Power Suit, allowing Simon to safely use the climber to descend into the Abyss.

When Simon reaches Tau after traversing the Abyss, he is forced to confront Jin Yoshida, who's power suit and body have been taken over and augmented by the WAU.


Concept art


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