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Robot Girl
Robot Girl
Other name(s): Robot Head, Screamer, Crying Lady
Gender: Female

The Robot Girl is an antagonist Simon Jarrett encounters in Omicron.


The Robot Girl is a feminine enemy consisting of a woman's corpse fused with implants formed from Structure Gel. It possesses mechanical eyes, an artificial neck securing its head to the body, a prosthetic left foot, and a pincer replacing the right hand. All of these implants seemingly react to its level of aggression, as they light up when it detects something.

The Robot Girl appears to exist in a state of constant distress, crying constantly whilst idle. She is also capable of distorted vocalization, as can be heard when she is alerted.


The Robot Girl remains passive unless provoked. When alerted, various incandescent lights on its body will begin glowing and it will start snapping its pincer open and closed. If not provoked any further, it will settle down after a few seconds, cover its face with its hand again and resume crying.

The Robot Girl can be alerted by nearby movement from the player and by sound. Light from Simon's flashlight does not appear to alert it, but the sound when turning it on and off will. If it gives chase, it will not be distracted by throwing around props to generate sounds, and it will attempt to reach Simon and knock him unconscious before returning to its passive state.


One or possibly two Robot Girls are encountered in Omicron while Simon is attempting to find the parts to repair Raleigh Herber's Power Suit.

One of the parts, an Energy Pal S.3, is found inside the power room. The Robot Girl stands near the end of the room between the battery pack and Simon, forcing him to sneak around it to retrieve the battery pack. It is possible to do this without aggravating the Robot Girl. If the Robot Girl is alerted, it chases Simon but doesn't leave the power room.

After Simon has collected all three required objects and makes his way back to the diving room, a Robot Girl is standing in the infirmary. It is identical and behaves the same way as the other one, and again it is possible to sneak past it. Even if Simon doesn't provoke it, it nevertheless starts to chase him as soon as he enters the long hallway between the infirmary and the diving room.

Upon reaching the diving room Simon frantically calls for Catherine Chun to shut the door behind him. The door is sealed, leaving the Robot Girl banging on the door from the outside.


  • Within the game's files, the Robot Girl is also known as "robot head".
  • When provoked, the Robot Girl may on occasion start saying random phrases such as "Don't come any closer." or "Get away from me!".
  • According to concept art, the Robot Girl was originally supposed to have an organic right eye as opposed to the mechanical one.


Concept art


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