A fanfic site

Articles on this wiki should always remain canon to SOMA and its universe. You should not post your own stories, characters, and especially game modifications. This also means that you should not roleplay on discussion pages. If you want to do any of these go start your own fanon wiki.

A democracy

This one should be obvious. Whenever we have to make content-related decisions, we will usually put up a voting or discussion session. However, community votes/discusses will only be taken into consideration. The administrators' collective decision can and will override it if they think differently about the idea.

For example: If the majority of our community wanted us to allow the addition of mod pages to this wiki, we would still not allow them because like mentioned before, this wiki is not a fanon site.

A speculation forum

The SOMA universe is a place shrouded in mystery. Many things are left unexplained and everybody has their different theories and explanations for why things happen the way they do. This wiki is not a place to do that.

Wikis should only contain factual information no matter how strong pieces of evidence point towards a particular theory. Unless the game specifically mentions it or it has been confirmed by an official source, it may not be added.


We can not guarantee that you won't come across offensive content on this wiki. These can include foul language, gore, or other pieces of content that may be considered offensive or inappropriate. The game has an M rating for a reason.

This also corresponds to vandalism. If someone vandalizes a page and adds pornographic content, or other offensive material to it, it probably won't be removed right away. Our users can not monitor the wiki 24/7, so we won't always be able to remove vandalization as soon as it appears.

We are not responsible for any sensitive material you may come across and by traversing this wiki you agree to that term.