Sarah Lindwall

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Sarah Lindwall

Born: November 25, 2074
Gender: Female
Nationality: Greenlandic
Career: Theta Payload Technician
Voice actor: Andrea Deck

Sarah Lindwall is a payload technician at Theta. By the time Simon Jarrett finds her at Tau, she is supposedly the last living human on Earth.


Sarah Lindwall was part of the team that left Theta and went to Phi, arriving on December 27, 2103, in order to complete the ARK project.

After the ARK team’s decision to postpone the ARK's launching, they came back to Tau in order to figure out their next steps.


Simon finds her alone in Tau's infirmary above the living quarters, barely alive on a life support system, guarding the ARK. She allows Simon to take the ARK, but also requests that he disconnect her life support and kill her. Simon can choose whether or not to end her life before proceeding. If Simon chooses not to kill her, she will beg for her death as he walks away.

If Simon chooses to disable her life support, she asks him to stay with her in final moments and she talks about her life in Greenland before the comet.


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