Steve Glasser was employed at Tau.


On September 13, 2103, Tau's evacuation towards Omicron was ordered, but its staff failed to reach the Climber due to being surrounded by marine creatures that work under the WAU's influence as a result of mutation by Structure Gel ingestion. The station and its staff soon lost radio contact with Omicron. Many employees were killed during the failed evacuation attempt, but Glasser was one of the survivors who remained stranded at Tau.

On December 27, 2103, Glasser, along Johan Ross, decide to take the Climber that was originally scheduled to pick up the ARK group (that decided to stay at Tau) in order to warn Omicron about the critical situation at Alpha; Glasser dies en-route to the Climber after being viciously ripped apart by a marine mutation (assumed to be an Anglerfish).


Glasser's body can be found by Simon Jarrett in the Abyss and his blackbox can be datamined.

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