Structure Gel

Structure gel is a black, liquid substance that is found throughout PATHOS-II. It was introduced to the facility around the turn of the 22nd century and subsequently calibrated to be used by the WAU for a variety of maintenance and construction roles.


As experienced throughout SOMA, the structure gel is an essential material for the machines of PATHOS-II. In some recordings, humans treat the pre-WAU robots with the gel to maintain them.

The gel is stated to be a "cross-linked gel with aligned graphene in a polyunsaturated matrix" that can be encoded with instructions. If not calibrated to the WAU's instructions, the substance is very useful in technology, able to connect different forms of machinery and even increase the functionality of basic machines immensely.

The gel can reboot any offline machine and repair any structural or electrical damage. It can even bring biological life back to a "sleepwalking" reanimated state, using electrical impulses both to guide the pseudo-organism and to prevent the gel from hardening. Even human bodies can be "revived" this way.

All of the structure gel in PATHOS-II is linked to the WAU. This in turn gave it complete control over any machine and piece of structure gel-infused technology. As the WAU's manifestation grew, the gel started to overflow the stations, covering the walls, floors and nearly all machinery. It is also possible for the WAU to make structure gel burst through pipes in the wall. In SOMA, structure gel can be seen leaking from broken panels and from numerous bio-mechanical growths engineered by the WAU, often completely coating rooms.


  • On the bottle of structure gel is a label denoting hazards, production number, and a QR code. If scanned, the QR code says "structure gel 023343".
  • Although structure gel is black in color, it often has blue-tinted lights coming from small nodes in it. This is similar to how certain aquatic organisms can exhibit bio-luminescence.
  • At one point, Simon comes across a deceased rat inside a specimen chamber with a structure gel dispenser. Infusing the rat corpse with gel causes it to reanimate, squirming and squeaking unnaturally. Simon remarks: "It came back to life... or at least something like it."