Suit Robot
Suit Robot
Gender: Male

Actor: N/A

Suit Robot is a cut character that can be found in the files of SOMA. He would appear in the room with the Omnitool at Upsilon.


Suit Robot would be another robot made out of a Ductile Suit, much like Simon Jarrett.

When encountered, he would be sitting encased in Structure Gel with a WAU flower growing on him. He would be scared and would ramble about how he does not know where he is and how the doors should be kept closed. He also mentions Vanessa Hart.

If the player left without closing the door, the Construct would enter and attack the Suit Robot, killing him. The player would also be able to interact with the WAU flower attached to him which would also kill him. On his death the player would be able to datamine his body, allowing them to hear his last moments from his perspective.


While the Suit Robot was ultimately cut, in the final game a headless diving suit can be found in the Omnitool room, possibly a reference to the Suit Robot.


  • Some of the scripts and triggers used for the scene are still in the map file for Upsilon.
  • While he is slightly more reasonable than the other robots found in the game, he still seems to be mentally unstable. This may suggest that he does not have a biological component to him like Simon does, however this is just speculation.