I am not so sure catherine overload her system due to stress. Maybe it was energy consumed by the Omega Space Gun or maybe the omnitool just burned. In Omicron, after the omnitool is pluged in the computer, Catherine says "Is this Omicron? Everything is so basic, so limited, i hope it's not the omnitool falling apart". Maybe this is a hint. Maybe this strees thing was just in the computer where Brandon Wan was simulated, because Simon enduress a lot of stress and is not turned off by that.

This page is full of personal considerations on Catherine,  an enourmous and boting text full of speculation. We should focus more on facts, not in the mental masturbation of what I think has happened.n.

  • " Catherine is well-aware of the absence of continuity" It was the crazy theorie of Sarang, and he did not believe that his conciousness would be transfered, it was his philosophical point of view about human conciousness.
  • "It might imply that she causes a vague of real suicides," ???? Catherine never causes any suicide
  • " is fully aware of the suffering she causes through copied consciousness, false hopes of continuity, suicides, and leaving alone "old" copies"... She did not create this "continuity" thing, it was Sarang's theory. She did not caused the suicide of anyone
  • "She is obligated too Simon to do so". Actually there's no proof that she manipulated Simon, just speculation.
  • "It is debatable than Catherine might have developed interest in Simon" ????

Maybe would be better to create a page called "Speculation" to write this theories, anyway, i will not edit nothing more on this Wikia.

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