I've reverted the change twice now where:

David Munshi was a PhD student in computer science at York University in Toronto, Canada.

has been changed to add "Dr." before his name.

The sentence "David Munshi was a PhD student" means that he was studying for his doctorate. That's what Ph. D means: Doctor of Philosophy. Before you receive your diploma, you are, by definition, not a doctor. Further, Munshi, when met by Simon Jarrett, even says that he's hoping that his work on the gentle brain process as part of a thesis will get him his doctorate.

The person we meet in-SOMA is always Mr. Munshi. Only in the Soma-universe do we (later) learn that he succeeded in attaining his doctorate. I believe we should honor the text itself and refer to him as Mr. Munshi.

Sgharms (talk) 16:29, August 1, 2016 (UTC)

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