Isn't Ross also in omicron too?  In the central glass containment area that eventually bursts?  He's the one at the end that urges you to destroy the WAU?  So technically there is more than one "Omicron Proxy Beast"

Ross isn't a proxy, he doesn't attack the player. Proxies are enemies, so that's why I said 1 proxy in Omicron.

Then why did I run away scared from Ross when he busted out of the containment cage in the middle of the room at Omicron and why was he beating on the door?  -Bmnapi01

That was probably just a jumpscare, and are you talking about the room with the suits where the door is locked? If so, then that was a different proxy.

Ross apears at first in Omicron but always trying to hint Simon to destruct WAU, never attacking him. After you find the required itens and is heading back to the room where Catherine is, the proxy girl appears and starts chasing you, it's not Ross. When Simon reachs the room, he yells Cath to close the doors and the proxy girl keeps beating the door.

Im confused as to why all the monsters in this game are classified as "proxy" beasts according to this wiki. We only know that the monsters known as "proxies" are the fleshy turd looking enemies like the one in the server room. Shouldn't the article be renamed to the name that this monster has in the game files?

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