Location: Abyss
Gender: N/A

Viperfish are enemies encountered in SOMA. Simon Jarrett briefly encounters a large shoal of them during his trek through the Abyss.


Viperfish are the eponymous creatures which have been mutated by Structure Gel. This causes them to have increased dramatically in size compared to a regular viperfish.

The Viperfish appear to have a human face fused on top of the head, them belonging most likely to their previous victims,


Viperfish swim and attack in groups, but do not go near the lanterns. Although they appear to be infected by the WAU, they were already predators before the A.I. made them even more dangerous.


During Simon's track to Tau, the viperfish make an appearance. Strong geothermal currents caused by fault line activity hinder Simon's progress, making it easier for the shoal to make frequent passes at Simon in an attempt to weaken him with bites to the body.

Simon is mostly able to prevent these attacks by standing next to the erected lamps, but a stray viper fish may still attack. There are also a few abandoned storage crates scattered on the ocean floor that can be used to hide from the shoal.

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